Circle B


The beginning and the end come together to form a circle. Such is the eternal cycle of life Such is the eternal cycle of life. Circle B handbag pays homage to it – it can be worn by a child, mother, or daughter… And that even in three ways: with a strap as a “cross body”, around the waist as a waistband or in the hand as a clutch.

The handbag is made of cowhide. One part is suede finish, the other is smooth. The two contrasts are decently connected. The elegant silver fastening has the shape of a circle and comes from Japan. The strap, which can also serve as a belt, ends with a round buckle. Another refined detail that is true to its symbolism.

Dimensions – 20/20 cm


A new symbol of eternity


Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 20 × 20 cm

Turquoise, Fuchsia