Denisa Adolfová

I am non an artist, but I create my work. I am not a sculptor, but I sculpt my work from all sides. I am not a carpenter, but I use the same tools as he does. I am not a painter, but my palette is full of various materials. My strength is in the refinement. DA is harmony of beauty, function and timelessness.

My initials have predestined me to become designer and artist craftsman. Yes, I am an artisan. I use materials of choice to make handbags which are timeless. Exceptional handbags for exceptional women. I studied fashion at ESMOD International Paris. Luxurious materials I admired so much in Paris, especially different types of leather, have defined my work once and for all. I gained practical experience in crafting luxury accessories by Delvaux, the oldest fashion house in the world, founded in 1829 in Brussels. The words of my mentors who passed me the symbolic baton of haute couture – leather work will remain engraved in my memory forever. I see my “work” as a mission.